The Future of Forex Signals

Tried Forex signals before?  Think it can’t be done?

Think again – We are different.

How do trades sent automatically to your account sound?  Never miss one again.


See, told you we were different.

SweetFX? Why Choose Us?

Forex Signal services only benefit the providers and people who are online 24/5. 

You have to be around to take every trade. 

How many times have you missed a trade in the middle of the night, only to find it was the winner that made the difference?

We are different, we send trades and updates automatically to your account.  We don’t force you to change brokers.

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We know trading can be daunting.  We’ll take you by the hand and show you exactly how to copy and place our trades.  Unlike other providers who are only bothered about your deposit and making sure you hit a trading volume, it’s in our interest to see you profitable because you’ll keep subscribing each month.

We call that a vested interested in your success.


From our account to yours

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We send trades when the markets are open automatically to your account. Now you can plan your day and not sit around waiting for trades be notified.  How refreshing is that?


24/7 Availability

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Our team are on hand with any questions you have, email or @sweetfx on Telegram.  We’ve got you. 

How It Works

We know you lead a busy life so we want to be as reliable as a Swiss watch.




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When the accounts are linked, you are done!

Our Results

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Real Results

We trade this specific strategy for a Prop Firm, so we know it works long term.  After seeing many people hurt using other poor quality, flash in the pan signals, we decided to do our part for the Forex world.

Click the image to see our current results on Google Sheets.

We will update this when we can, but please remember our focus is trading and not updating the website!


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